chinkilla unwrapped is a mini doc series that follows the lives of underrepresented athletes in the fight scene, and lends them a mic to make their voices heard.

Episode 1 - Laila Ohlhoff

The first episode takes you behind the fight of Laila: student, BJJ athlete and chinkilla badassador training in the women's* competition class at Fenriz Gym in Berlin, Germany.

Episode 2 - Songül Karatorak

This episode takes you behind the scenes of a fight day in the life of Songül Karatorak. Tune in for a glimpse into her martial arts journey as an amateur MMA fighter making her way to the top.

Unwrapping more stories

Do you know an athlete whose story should be unwrapped? Reach out and let us know. A little support can go a long way in fueling their fight.